Blog Marketing – Is It Effective?

How effective are blogs in reaching customers?

Some businesses readily testify of the effectiveness of blogs in reaching audiences; others even considering blogging to be the heart of their content marketing plan. While many popular social networking sites have been cracking down on information that is considered too much like an advertisement, blogging remains an effective tool for increasing awareness. Does your business have a blog? Here are six dominating reasons you should consider this type of content marketing.

You Own It

Social media is a popular method of informing the public about your products/website. However, in an attempt to improve each user’s experience, sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are cracking down on information posted that looks like an advertisement. Furthermore, some business have speculated that Facebook will only disclose the information you post to a small number of people unless you pay. Blogging is a very effective method of reaching audiences on the Internet because you own your blog content. You are not subject to the rules and regulations that challenge you on third-party sites.

Audiences are More Engaged

Consumers who connect with each other on blogs are usually more engaged and likely to return to your blog to view other posts. If someone makes a post on a blog, it’s very possible they will return to your blog to see if others have replied and commented to their post. Thus, member engagement is often increased. Furthermore, people who post on blogs are often post more informed. They often have a greater knowledge about the information they are discussing, thus, they could be considered more serious customers.

Increase Your SEO rating

In the last few years, search engines have been increasing their attempt to improve the quality of content in search results. In the past, search engine results seemed to favor websites that contained large numbers of certain keywords or phrases. However, now major search engines additionally focus on the quality of the links and content in the website. Blogs can be very effective in increasing your SEO rating. Blogs often contain ideas that are well thought out and the information on blogs in general is more informative and high quality. Furthermore, You can attempt to enter various keywords into the blog conversations to increase your SEO rating.

Increase Customer Awareness

Blogs can also be a great opportunity for you to discuss various industry trends or events/products in your business. After you have established interest in your blog and gathered a number of followers, you can start introducing various ideas and products your company offers. However, at the same time, you should use caution and avoid making your blog appear too much like an advertising campaign. Such information holds a high risk of repelling your followers.

Low Cost

As social networking becomes more restrictive to various types of content marketing, paying to get your information displayed on popular sites is an easy option. However, owning and carefully maintaining a blog is a free. As long as you maintain and direct the conversations, the information people share and discuss generates interest on its own… without paying a service provider fees. Thus, blogging is one of the cheapest forms of advertising.

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