An Old Business With A New Twist – Stress Free Salary

Stress free Salary is ringing bells in the halls of Internetdom. Sounds great but what is it? In fact it is an old business with a new hat: Designed by James Al-Oboudi, Web Hosting with a business twist. Teamwork Revolution Power System is a new web hosting service that shares more than 99 percent of the revenues with the website owners.

That way the average Joe Blow can take part in the profit sharing of this web host business. In a way he is a home based business owner and an affiliate in the business. It is a multi – level marketing, and having 2 referrals pays for the referrers web hosting. After that there is residual profit to be made.

Web hosting is profitable because anyone who wants to market their product online needs a website. Another reason why web hosting is so profitable is the buyers, or clients, stay for years after they have their website up. When a referral is made that is nearly perpetual income.

After two referrals the website owner is in profit. As the down line builds, each share becomes smaller, but because it grows exponentially, one website can bring in a referral as much as $2,300 per month when it hits the bottom level. However, each person can purchase as many web hosting packages as wanted, and can then earn this income again on the second and third leg down.

Now that explains the Hosting portion of this program. What is Stress free Salary?

Stress free Salary is a group of independent internet marketers who have banded together making a team of dedicated marketers helping each other with down line building, advertising, making splash pages and tutoring. That is what is really different with Stress free Salary.

Stress free Salary promotes the Teamwork Revolution Power System which is the Business Solution,- Web Hosting plus other services such as autoresponder service, and conference calls, a classified script, forum, which are included in the monthly fee.

Most times a marketer goes it alone when they take on a new program. Unless they have a lot of experience, or get lucky, they often fail at their new endeavor. If someone joins the Stress free Salary group they get a lot of advise, help, tutoring, and access to many programs that give free and bonus advertising for new members.

This is also a good way for novice marketers to learn how to properly market a product with the help of more experienced members. Whether a person is a novice or experienced online marketer, it is wise to consider web hosting as part of your home based business program.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will begin to build residual income that will pay for years to come. After you get some referrals, the business starts to take on a life of its own, and grows exponentially if you are lucky enough to have one that has more than one or two affiliate levels.

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