5 Reasons Why Posting Spam Comment to Advertise a Blog is Useless

People are usually using these three words to describe spam: desperate, manipulative and evil. If you have been “attacked” by spam before, you may feel the same way. Actually, there is nothing wrong with doing blog advertising by commenting to other blog. However, if your strategy of advertising blog includes posting useless comments on other website, you are heading to a wrong way. In the worst case, you may have already damaged your blog unconsciously.

Brief History about spam comments

Spam comment appears when there is some websites that provide online guest book function. When those guest books are found, marketers start flooding a lot of comments by leaving only a link to their own website or blog. If those guest books required the spammer to input some “comments”, they will just write “Great post”, “Very nice, thank you.” or something like that. At last, those guest book owners can only stop accepting comments or even remove the guest book.

Today, spam has already evolved to affect blog in the form of comment. Spammers are doing similar things as in guest book. If spammer needs to promote their blog for specific keyword, they will post a lot of keyword intensive comments to different blogs or websites. Sites that allow hyperlink to be included in the name and comment are the one spammers are targeting.

5 reasons why spam comments will not work

At first it seems promising and easy to promote your blog by spamming other blogs, it is better not to do it. In other words, if you are really serious about your blog and hope that it can last long enough for you to show off to your children, you may want to avoid it at all cost. Here are five reasons why spam comment will not work.

1. You’re being watched

Actually, if you are spamming somebody’s blog, you will be branded as “Spammer” in your whole life. At least, the blog or website you are promoting will be in trouble. The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 has already in place to control spam and therefore no one can use any form of spam as a weapon to attack other website. Moreover, people hate spam very much. They are willing to report your blog or website to your hosting provider or affiliate company about your act. By the way, software like Akismet is also developed to protect blog or website against spam.

2. Possible penalized

If you are promoting your website by leaving useless comments on another website, the website owner will immediately become witness against you. While those victims report your site to your hosting provider, you will get banned immediately. If you are promoting affiliate product, chances are that those affiliate companies will drop you right away.

If this really happen, all you can do is to start all over again. And if you still use the same way to advertise your blog, you will never be able to escape from the circle of start – spam – banned.

3. You are not professional

Only lazy and unprofessional bloggers will use this method to advertise their blogs. You will also be seen as unprofessional because, you are not using content but using tricks to get links, and you will never get any trust from visitors again.

4. The code of trust is violated

Blog comment is a function that visitors are allowed to interact to the blogger directly. Message boards and even forums are all serving the same purpose. People participated over there believe that they can get valuable information on those places. In other words, if bloggers leave spam comments on those places, they are violating the code of trust in those places.

5. Spam comment can increase your blog ranking temporarily only

When you are adding spam comments to other people blogs, the link that pointed back to your website still counts regardless of what comments you are leaving. Since there are many one-way back-links pointing back to your website, it will be listed on a higher page result. However, such result will not last long and finally, those spam links will be removed and no back-links to your website anymore.

This is particularly true if you did not offer any value in your blog. Although visitors may come to your site because your site ranked high on some keywords, sooner or later they will leave because they cannot find anything valuable in your blog or website, and they never come back. In the worst case, visitors will spread the word to other visitors about your site and it will further prevent other people from coming to your site.

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